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Stained glass windows are perhaps the ultimate example of attention to detail, craftsmanship and striking imagery, serving as some of the most breathtaking decorative pieces you can find within any architectural or interior design plan. Not only will it decorate a space, but define it.

Furthermore, while the imagery is often beautiful even in low-light settings, it also sustains a sense of textured and coloured light that delicately enters the space within.

Church stained glass serves as a stunning means of showcasing ecclesiastical iconography within a church or chapel setting. It also speaks to a centuries-long discipline of curating stained glass displays for private collectors and the most impressive flourishes of architectural design.

At Benyon Stained Glass, we combined decades worth of professional experience to make sure your Church, congregation, or private clients are well served.

Who Are Benyon Stained Glass?

Benyon Stained Glass is comprised of a plethora of industry veterans that have perfected their craft over decades.

The Benyon team served as a formidable husband and wife duo, combining industry-leading experience, foresight, and academic understanding towards both crafting and teaching the discipline and subject of stained glass design.

Benyon Stained Glass preserve historical methods of artisan, bespoke stained glass craftsmanship, while also turning their hand to the restoration of centuries-old pieces. Together, they continued the incredible legacy of Caroline’s father Carl Edwards as well as Caroline’s masterful skill in stained glass craftsmanship and care.

They have cherished the chance to work on a range of Churches such as St George Church in Perry Hill Lambeth, as well as many more in Britain and overseas.

What services are on offer?

As stained glass craftsmanship is such a careful, patient art, and as each piece is unique, it’s difficult to offer a perfect product library of pieces to choose from.

Instead, we make sure to converse with you, our client, helping you find the exact imagery, scene, or colour combinations you wish to depict. Dimensions, sizing and scale will also be discussed.

We offer divine Church stained glass pieces, decorative glaizing, and stained glass consultation where appropriate. We also boast robust restoration capabilities. Once we agree on design, the work can begin, and a delivery timeline can be given. We also make sure to oversee the installation of stained glass, consulting with construction professionals to preserve the integrity of the applied piece.

View our galleries, and contact us!

At Benyon Stained Glass, we believe the proof is in the pudding. As such, we invite you to browse our collection of ecclesisastical, private, and heraldic stained glass commission work.

Even if you’re not certain of the final design you require, we’d love to speak to you and help you onboard as a client. Our premises in Hampton is open through most of the week.

Otherwise, please call us at 0208 941 9975, or email at

You can also utilise our handy contact form here for added convenience.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping your stained glass dreams come true!

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