Decorative Glazing Hampton

If you’re looking for the true WOW factor within your interior design planning, choosing decorative glass can make all of the difference.

Suitable for restaurants, homes and private spaces, decorative glazing takes the artisanal craft of stained glass development and applies it to a range of domestic and commercial implementations.

Not only can decorative glazing define the aesthetic of a space, but serves as a striking focal point that will be sure to get people talking.

Why decorative glazing?

A statement piece can help a home or comfortable business space redefine itself through beautiful craftsmanship. Color, form and artistic displays showcase the height of artisanal, bespoke decorative glass elements.

These can be uniform or totally unique design pieces depending on the scope of your space, giving a room a strong sense of character.

Placed as dividing glass or a fantastic glass panel set above a door to welcome someone into your home, the colours and pattern choices are sure to be noticed. Reflecting your taste and our dedicated approach to curated crafstmanship.

Not only that, but natural light passing through such a design will transform into a vibrant tint, lighting a space with a subtle but noticeable ambience.

With films, etched or sandblasted glass, as well as shaped glass most regularly used as overlays, there is sure to be a craft method appropriate to your situation, helping you enjoy the best decorative glazing result.

Introducing Benyon Stained Glass

Benyon stained glass offers a pedigree of fantastic and robust stained glass designs, cultivating decades of experience into a set of impeccable standards. With a thorough portfolio of an ecclesiastical, private collection and heraldic work, we stand as one of the foremost names in British stained glass and decorative glazing development.

Following the breathtaking joint legacies of both Carl and Caroline Edwards, we ensure that both traditional and cutting edge techniques are applied towards our stained glass craftsmanship, including but not limited to our hallmark restoration efforts.

We believe in working with each particular client carefully - allowing our creative, technical and academic knowledge to cultivate the perfect result. We invite you to take a look at our secular photo gallery, including pictures of our many private commissions.

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Even if you’re not certain of the final design you require, we’d love to speak to you and help you onboard as a client. Our premises in Hampton is open through most of the week.

Otherwise, please call us at 0208 941 9975, or email at

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Our decorative glazing work helps us expand our capabilities, refine our method, and help our clients thoroughly enjoy their carefully designed spaces. We truly look forward to speaking with you.

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