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Stained glass artists, also known as highly specialized stained glass craft workers, serve as the embodied example of a discipline that has been upheld for centuries.

Most often referred to in an ecclesiastical context, the work of the stained glass artist is to design, craft, and restore stained glass and decorative glazing for a range of purposes and outcomes. This work is thorough, and the craftsmanship remarkable. It takes patience, diligence and a keen eye to cultivate these skills, taking years to build and solidify.

If you’re looking for a stained glass artist to provide you with a piece, perhaps for a Church, Chapel, private commission or even a Heraldic purpose, Benyon Stained Glass stand poised as the most essential service to use.

Developed & defined by Caroline & Tony Benyon, both contributing the skills, technical historical and academic knowledge required to give the stained glass the flourish and attention it deserves, Benyon has served as a hallmark business with publicly-available work in homes, commercial buildings and chapels in Britain and overseas.

A range of professional applications.

At Benyon Stained Glass, we take on clients for a range of enjoyable projects. This can include full stained glass design, development and restoration. We are capable of outfitting your restaurant with a gorgeous decorative glazed display. We can provide statement pieces to private collectors or architects. We can also depict stunning religious iconography for Chapels or Churches.

This is hardly the sole limited scope of our projects however. We weigh every client on a case by case basis and consult with you to help you realize your intent perfectly. This way, you can be assured as to the quality of the piece you will receive, and utilize our guidance for its transport and installation.

Champions of our art.

We believe it very important to not only practice the craft of stained glass development and restoration, but to serve as proponents of both traditional and cutting-edge crafting technique.

We also invest heavily into preserving and researching the history of such a discipline. Tony Benyon’s research projects include finding 3,500 stained glass workers in the 19th and early 20th centuries, including outlining their movements and careers. It’s our enthusiastic approach towards history that helps our craft sit within a defined yet constantly refined crafting discipline.

Don’t delay, contact us today!

As stained glass artists, we focus on the craft and client first. No matter your application, we would love to speak to you.

Even if you’re not certain of the final design you require, let us help you onboard as a client and work through the design proces. Our premises in Hampton is open through most of the week.

Otherwise, please call us at 0208 941 9975, or email at

You can also utilise our useful contact form here should you wish to fill out your request more carefully.

As celebrated proponents of stained glass design and restoration, we’d love to help you understand our portfolio. We invite you to view our ecclesiastical and secular photo galleries here.

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